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Vision and Mission

Our mission is to develop in children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be productive, contributing individuals in a changing society.  The teachers, support staff, parents, and trustees of the Hope School District believe that:  

  • Our children are our most precious resource.
  • The primary focus of schools is to educate students.
  • Education should instill a lifelong love of learning. 


School Goals for 2011-2012


  1. To continue our efforts to “close the achievement gap” between our highest performing and lowest performing students by focusing on Essential Standards for ELA and Mathematics and through the use of Research-based Differntiated Groupng and Instructional Strategies, including Dept and Complexity.
  2. To effectively utilize our new Test Management Program Measured Progress and other formative assessment programs (AR and DIBELS) to inform classroom day-to-day instruction and focused targeted intervention.
  3. To meet the federal AYP goals for all significant subgroups through grade level collaboration in a Professional Learning Community that uses student outcomes to drive instruction and focused and targeted interventions outlined in our Hope School Pyramid of Interventions.
  4. To successfuly deploy iPods and iPads in Grades K-3 classrooms and enhance the integration of MacBook laptop computers in Grades 4-6 classrooms and in the Computer Lab for Grades K-3.
  5. To develop and adopt a School-wide Conflict Resolution program.


(Approved by the Hope Faculty on 10/4/11 and the Hope School Site Council on 10/11/11)


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