Computer Lab

6 years ago

computer lab

Located in the library building, our computer lab is fully equipped with 30 Mac Minis, a laser printer, scanner and related resources. The computers are connected to a school-wide network with internet access, which enables our students to work on projects at any of our computers and allows teachers to track their progress.

All classes use the lab 30 to 60 minutes a week, depending on the grade level. The students develop computer literacy and digital citizenship during their time in the lab, enhancing the 1:1 device programs in the classrooms. Our reading comprehension and assessment programs, Accelerated Reader and STAR, track the students’ performance and growth. These applications, with other interactive software, complement the classroom’s curriculum in creative arts, language, mathematics, and science. Whereas the emphasis for lower grades is on the development of basic computer, drawing, reading, writing, and math skills, the focus for upper grades broadens to include the use of Google Apps for Education focusing on digital citizenship, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Thanks to the Hope School PTA and the parents’ support
of our Today’s Children To-day’s Hope campaign
we are able to keep the Hope School lab
fully utilized and up-to-date in computer technology.