YMCA After School Program

The YMCA Afterschool Program balances the needs of youth, families and local schools in a fully licensed, supportive and nurturing environment. We believe that children should have meaningful experiences and activities that complement and expand their school experience. We also understand the role that YMCA staff play in exposing youth to positive role models who build their self-esteem and sense of community. Spaces are limited, for 2021-2022 school-year, we are currently taking names for our waitlist.

Core Components:
•    Academic Support & Remote Learning
•    Healthy Eating & Physical Activity
•    Sports & Recreation
•    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
•    Character Education
•    Youth Leadership

Dates, Times and Pricing:
•    Kindergarten, 1:15 - 5:30PM, $170 per/week
•    1st – 3rd, 2:30 – 5:30PM, $130 per/week
•    4th – 6th, 3:00 -5:00PM, $125 per/week

Questions and Registration:
•    Juan Ramos - 805.687.7727 ext. 1126

Every Thursday is 1:30PM dismissal. All minimum day dismissals are 1:00PM. Full-Time rates apply for all students, no Part-Time rates. The Y will closely follow all State, County, and school regulations in regards to COVID protocols. At this time all students are required to wear masks while onsite.

Updated 9/20/2021